Dawn Kuppenbender, Superintendent of Learning (La Ronge Central Office) Email: [email protected]

Because we believe that students deserve a math program that respects their various learning styles, the Division ensured that there are many resources available to support Math instruction for grades K-12 and developed common math assessments for grades 1-9. These programs support learning math through:
  • problem solving;
  • encouraging students to communicate about and model their understanding; and
  • make connections between math concepts and the real world.

Resources by Grade Level

Math Makes Sense (K-6) Pearson ; Math Focus (7-9) Nelson

Math Works (W&A Math 10/20/30) Pacific Educational Press

Foundations and Pre-Calculus Math 10 Pearson; Foundations of Math 20/30 Nelson

Pre Calculus Math20/30 McGraw Hill

Every teacher and student has access to an interactive curriculum based on-line program called IXL.