Dawn Kuppenbender, Superintendent of Learning (La Ronge Central Office) Email:

Because we believe that students deserve a math program that respects their various learning styles, the Division ensured that there are many resources available to support Math instruction for grades K-12 and developed common math assessments for grades 1-9. These programs support learning math through:
  • problem solving;
  • encouraging students to communicate about and model their understanding; and
  • make connections between math concepts and the real world.

Resources by Grade Level

Math Makes Sense (K-6) Pearson ; Math Focus (7-9) Nelson

Math Works (W&A Math 10/20/30) Pacific Educational Press

Foundations and Pre-Calculus Math 10 Pearson; Foundations of Math 20/30 Nelson

Pre Calculus Math20/30 McGraw Hill

Every teacher and student has access to an interactive curriculum based on-line program called Mathletics.


The numeracy portion of the NLSD113 Building a Community of Learners Initiative has four components:


1) Quality instruction for all students using the major resources Math Makes Sense for grades 1-6 and Math Focus for grades 7-9.


2) Administration of the NLSD Numeracy data collection tools according to the data collection timeline and entering data on DOSSIER to ensure intervention is provided to students who require extra support


3) Participation in the numeracy PLCs 6 times a year to discuss best practices and interventions


4) Design and implement learning support plans for students who require significantly altered programs in Math along with tracking their individual numeracy progress on the ISNAT spread sheet on Pearson Power School