Stony Rapids

Stony Rapids School has 5 large classrooms, a library, a very large gym and a well-maintained industrial arts shop. This is a true community school for use by both students and community members alike. Teachers are provided with very comfortable furnished rental teacherages and a generous northern allowance. At present, there are over 40 students in the school.
Stony Rapids is a charming community of over 250 people. A road has recently been opened linking the community with the rest of the north, but it takes over 8 hrs to drive to La Ronge. Stony Rapids has a very busy airport with daily scheduled flights. In the summer months before freeze-up, many hunters and fishermen come to the area for the wonderful world-famous sports-fishing and game hunting. There are several luxurious lodges in the area that have been featured on television and in sporting magazines. Because of the excellent plane service, everything is available to members of the community, but the costs can be high. The people who live in this lovely part of Saskatchewan are justly proud of their community that is set alongside a rushing river full of trout and grayling.