Sandy Bay

Hector Thiboutot Community School (K-12) with over 400 students, is located in Sandy Bay. Like most schools in the division, it has a large gymnasium, science lab, home economics room, industrial arts shop, community library, computer room and many large classrooms. Furnished rental teacherages are provided for the staff. The school offers exciting and challenging programs for the students.
Sandy Bay is a community of over 1000 people on the eastern side of the division's jurisdiction. The town is located in the breath-taking beauty of the Precambrian Shield. The town grew as a result of the hydro-electric power station built in the late 1920's to supply power for the smelters and mines in Flin Flon, Manitoba. The dam is presently operated by SaskPower and is now totally automated. Tourism is now the major industry of the area. The fast pure waters of the local rivers and the rugged terrain provide great beauty and opportunities for marvellous fishing and hunting. Cable TV, telephone and internet services are available. There is a local store in town but other supplies and groceries can be purchased in Flin Flon, a busy mining community with stores and services, a two-hour journey on gravel and paved highway.