Minahik Waskahigan High School and Minahik Waskahigan Elementary Schools are located in Pinehouse Lake. Pinehouse Lake has a vibrant educational program that is dedicated to providing the young people of the community with a well-rounded education. The Industrial Arts program partners with the community to build community buildings and outdoor facilities. The high school also has a large gymnasium, science lab, home economics room, community library and many large classrooms. Teacherages are provided for those who request them (with board-set rents).
Pinehouse football game
Pinehouse, a village of over 900 people, is about 2.5 hours driving time from La Ronge and 1 hour from Beauval on gravel roads. This is a pretty community. Fishing and tourism industries provide employment for the people in this area. The town has a restaurant and gas station, church and government agencies. Hockey is a popular sport and Pinehouse has produced a number of excellent hockey players. The town has cable TV, telephone and internet services.