Green Lake

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St. Pascal School offers a well-rounded, academic Kindergarten to Grade Nine program in a modern, well-maintained building. The school has a large gym; a newly equipped wood and metal shop; a renovated home economics lab; a fantastic library; a modern computer lab; and many large classrooms outfitted with the newest educational technology. Rental teacherages are provided for those teachers requiring them.

The Northern Village of Green Lake is a 30 minute drive on paved highway from the city of Meadow Lake, SK. Green Lake is situated alongside the banks of a large lake, from which it gets its name. In this area of the province southern plains meet the northern forest as such, tourism has become a major driving force for the community of Green Lake.
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St. Pascal School’s Mission Statement:

Encouraging an atmosphere to believe in oneself and others through physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being.