Valley View School (K-12) is a modern facility with aprox. 320 Students. Like all schools in our division, the school has computers and internet access. Teachers and students are involved with innovative projects both in and outside of the classroom. Following graduation many of the students go on to further studies at our provincial universities. Teachers can rent board-owned teacherages if they wish, although many teachers own property in this beautiful part of the province.
Beauval - "Beautiful Valley" - is a community of over 750 people located on hills overlooking the lovely Beaver River Valley. The river offers world-class pickerel fishing, and nearby lakes are stocked with abundant trout and northern pike. The community members are proud descendants of Métis and Cree trappers and fishers.
The area¹s main industries are eco-tourism, mining, and commercial fishing. In the summer months, ball leagues offer competitions and a chance for exciting tournaments. One of the most popular sports is volleyball, played by people of all ages.
The students of Valley View School win numerous awards and trophies in province-wide competitions. Cable TV is available but you might be too busy to spend much time watching sports when you can be playing them! Beauval is a northern community with a rich history and culture and a bright future full of promise.