Scholarship Information

Scholarships and awards are important to students in that they recognize student achievement.

Scholarship Bursary Nomination Procedures

For students transitioning into a post secondary educational program receiving scholarships and/or bursaries provide financial contribution to assist in the payment of costs associated. Students and parents/guardians need to be aware and provided scholarship information. Students also need encouragement and sometimes assistance in locating appropriate scholarships and applying for them.
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The Division recognizes outstanding achievement by students. The Division will provide a gift for each high school graduand who is on senior educational assistance or who graduates from grade twelve in a school operated by the Division.

The Division may acknowledge outstanding individual achievement in sport, academics or the arts through bursaries or by presentation of a trophy or plaque.

Where an outstanding team effort results in provincial level participation, financial support may be provided through application to the Director. The level of support will be determined annually.

To further encourage one hundred percent (100%) student attendance the Division will provide a Perfect Attendance Scholarship upon the Principal’s recommendation as follows:

Kindergarten to grade six inclusive – five hundred dollars ($500.00). Grade seven to grade twelve inclusive – one thousand dollars ($1,000.00).