Curriculum Support

Provincial Curriculum Guides: The Ministry of Education provides curriculum guides in all subject areas. These can be accessed at:

Curriculum Reference Guides: Curriculum Reference Guides for each grade level have been created by NLSD curriculum consultants and include a list of core units and outcomes for each core subject (except PE). They are intended to help teachers with planning. They are not year plans, but may be used as an aid when creating year plans. See Grade Level Reference Guides at bottom of page.

Ministry of Education's Online Magazines, Journals and Newspapers: Anywhere, anytime online resources are great for students, teachers and school division personnel. You can find thousands of full text online resources as well as pictures using encyclopaedias, journals, magazines and newspapers. These resources are accessible from within your school or from anywhere with an Internet connection and are convenient to use. To learn how to use the online resources, please visit your school library or your local public library.

ROVER (Recommended Online Video Education Resources): is a video streaming service for Saskatchewan teachers and students in the PreK-12 education system. It is managed and maintained by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Education website:

The Northern Lights School Division has provided Major Integrated Resources (MIRs) to schools in several subject areas/ grade levels. These MIRs are the recommended resources to support implementation of Saskatchewan Core Curricula. Teachers will find the MIR Teacher Resources very useful for planning instruction. Click here for MIR Powerpoint.

Planning: Curriculum-based unit planning utilizing the 'backwards design' approach includes several key steps:
  • Identifying outcomes to be addressed;
  • Composing essential questions based on the outcomes;
  • Designing assessment to measure achievement towards meeting the outcomes;
  • Creating a sequence of learning activities based on the indicators; and
  • Selecting resources to help students achieve the outcomes.
A unit plan should show alignment between the key components (outcomes/assessment/learning plan/resources), as well as alignment to the year plan. A unit plan template is a graphic organizer to help teachers plan units.