Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Program

(exploring options)

The SYA program provides a structured approach for the exploration of the world of trades career opportunities and apprenticeship.
The Goal: NLSD #113 students are supported in their exploration of the trade’s career pathway and apprenticeship through SYA challenges delivered within regular high school curricula; whether the student plans to go into the trades or not after high school. It is possible for majority of NLSD Students to complete this program within their high school classes which illuminates inadvertent elected and/or selected student awareness of this general career development information.
Achievement is most easily accomplished through the integration of SYA challenges (assignments) into regular high school curricula along with regular school term tracking using the NLSD #113 SIS System.
The Outcome: The majority of NLSD #113 Graduating Students are aware of the Trades Career Pathway and Apprenticeship option as well as having the accomplishment of completion of the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Program to add to their portfolios and resumes.
The Benefits to Students are:
For all students:
  1.  A head start on career pathway research and possibly planning;

  2.  A permanent record with the Sask. Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Commission (SATCC) of achievement upon completion of the SYA Program with a SATCC Certificate for resumes and career portfolios

    For a student choosing a trades career pathway, the student will obtain:

  3.  Credits - youth registering as an apprentice in a designated trade with SATCC within five years of completing SYA will receive a:
  •  Waiver of Apprenticeship registration fee (currently $150);
  •  Waiver of first level technical training tuition providing all three SYA levels are completed;
  •  Credit of 100 hours of trade time credit per SYA level completed.
  •  Opportunity to apply for the Skilled Trades Scholarship. Forty scholarships worth $1,000 each will be awarded every June to selected, eligible high school graduates who have completed the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship

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