La Loche

Ducharme Elementary School, has 500 students in grades K-6. It is a bustling school with a staff of 31 teachers. The school is involved in numerous special programs and activities. There is a computer lab, library and well-supplied classrooms. The enthusiastic staff are committed to offering a well-rounded and exciting curriculum to the young people of La Loche.

Dene High School, offers a quality education for over 350 students in La Loche. The school has a big gymnasium, science lab, home economics lab, industrial arts shops, library, computer lab, and many large, well-equipped classrooms. This is a school with a motivated staff who are always engaged in implementing innovative and creative programs that are found nowhere else in the country. Extra-curricular activities are recognized as an important part of the school program. Teachers have done much to be proud of in Dene High, one of the largest facilities in the division. Rental accommodation is available as per Local Agreement.
La Loche is a thriving Dene community with a population of over 2000 people. Modern sub-divisions are rapidly changing the character of this busy and industrious community which has all the usual businesses, stores, churches, and government agencies that one comes to expect of a community of this size including a hospital and day-care facilities. The local hockey arena is in continuous use throughout the winter months. La Loche is 6 driving hours north of Prince Albert. Teams must drive a long way for competitions so fund-raising activities are part of community involvement.

This is a beautiful part of the province. Views of the lake add to the charm of the village. Recent developments in the tourism and oilfields industry will provide further employment opportunities for the residents. An airport offers charter flights to communities further south and to the north. Many residents work in the mining sector. La Loche prides itself on its well-trained fire-fighting and search and rescue teams. Cable TV and excellent phone and internet services are available. Roads are paved and, for part of the year, a winter road (two-hour drive) connects residents to Fort McMurray, in Alberta. The town has character and history. This is a friendly community and the people are proud of the "L.A. of the North"!