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Buffalo Narrows

Twin Lakes Community School (K-12) has a student population of over 300 young people from the community and surrounding area. Like many of the division¹s schools, there is a big gymnasium, a science lab, home economics room, industrial arts shop, community library, and a number of classrooms. The community is very proud of the school and its achievements. Teacherages are provided at nominal board-set rents.
Buffalo Narrows
Buffalo Narrows, a community of over 1200 people, is located between two beautiful lakes and is one of the oldest portage sites in Saskatchewan. This is a town with a proud history and the traditional industries of trapping and fishing still remain. Nowadays, eco-tourism and mining are the main occupations for many of the Cree, Dene and Metis townspeople.

One of the main attractions of the town is nearby Big Buffalo Beach. Five miles in length, it is the nesting site of one of the rarest birds in North American , the Piping Plover. This is a bird-watcher¹s paradise. Great care is taken to maintain the beauty of this natural wonder. Many other lakes surround the area and await development in the rapidly-expanding and progressive business of eco-friendly tourism. In the summer, local airlines are constantly ferrying fishing enthusiasts to this lovely part of the north.

The community has supermarkets, stores, restaurants, gas stations, a local airport, health centre and banking facilities . The local arena has artificial ice and is always in heavy use. There are Churches and recreation areas. Paved roads and all the other associated amenities prove that this is one of Saskatchewan¹s loveliest towns.