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NLSD#113 Indigenous Language Conference 2022

The NLSD#113 Indigenous Language Conference was a huge success! It was a wonderful event that was held over three days.
Thank you to Leda Corrigal and Jackie Durocher and Elder Ben Nathouaze for the Prayer and Smudge.
All our NLSD#113 schools were in attendance. Of those attendees, every dialect was represented – Cree TH/Y/ N, Michif, and Dene!
Very informative presentations from Leda Corrigal and Alexis Mcleod, Jackie Durocher, Dr. Morris Cook - Board Chairperson, Jason Young - Director of Education, Rosalie Tsannie-Bursieth, Vince Ahenakew, Marlee Proulx, Celia Deschambeault, and Tanya McCallum.
This year’s success serves as a great encouragement for the organization of the conference. We are certainly looking forward to taking back what was shared back to our communities!
Click here for the video -> Indigenous Languages Conference Video