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Summer School 2021

Study Online from Anywhere
If you are short on credits required to graduate from your local school system, or if you are simply looking to get ahead on credits, Edcentre online can help. The Edcentre offers open enrolment until June 21, 2021 for all of our accredited, online summer school courses.

All Edcentre courses are 100% online. They are designed for students to work independently at their own pace. All you need is a computer, tablet or other device and access to the Internet, and you will be able to start your online summer school courses.


Don’t let your summer waste away by sitting in a classroom. Instead, take online courses with the flexibility to study from anywhere or anytime. Get started in online classes today!


When you’re ready to enrol in single courses, contact your local school or the Edcentre to register.



We look forward to being a part of your Online School experience!

We are pleased to offer the following courses for online summer school:


Grade 10 Level Courses 

Grade 11 Level Courses 

Grade 12 Level Courses 

English A10 

English B10 

Native Studies 10 

Workplace Math 10 

Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10 


English 20 

Native Studies 20 

Environmental Science 20 

Workplace Math 20 

Pre-Calculus 20 

English A30 

English B30 

Native Studies 30 

Foundations Math 30 

Pre-Calculus 30 

Chemistry 30