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School Learning Improvement Plans

Each school creates a Learning Improvement Plan (LIP) (The Education Regulations, Section 3.92) that includes actions the school will take to support the school division's Continuous Improvement Plan. It includes activities that the school is doing to:
  • improve literacy achievement;
  • provide equitable opportunities for all students;
  • support students in transitions from the time they enter school and progress to post-secondary education or work; and,
  • accomplish other priorities of the SCC.
In cooperation with the school staff, each SCC is required to develop and recommend a LIP to its board of education that is in line with the school division's Continuous Improvement Plan.
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The Learning Improvement process is two-fold with the Learning Improvement Plan (LIP) being developed at the start of each year to set targets and plan strategies about how to meet the goals and targets set. The Learning Improvement Report (LIR) is done after each school year to report on the progress made toward the targets established.